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Intellectual Property and Commercial Court


Floor Plan


#East 3th Floor    #West 3th Floor    #East 4th Floor    #West 4th Floor

East 3th Floor


E301 Court Room 1;E302 Court Room 6;E305 Litigants Lounge;
E306 Agent and litem of Authority、Attorney Lounge; E307 The Preparatory Proceeding Court 4 ;
E309 File Reading Room;E311 Press Lounge;E312 Joint Service Center; E315 Kitchen

West 3th Floor

​ 西側3樓

W301 Court Room 3;W302 Court Room 2;W304 Court Police Office;W305 Court Room 5;
W306 Court Room 4;W307 Litigants Lounge; W308 Kitchen

East 4th Floor


E401 Commercial Recording Section Office; E402 Conference Room;
E407 Guest Room; E410 The Preparatory Proceeding Court 5
E411 Court Room 7;E412 Court Room 8;E413 Kitchen



West 4th Floor


W401 Technical Examination Officer Office; W403 The Preparatory Proceeding Court 3;
W404 The Preparatory Proceeding Court 2;
W405 Lounge;W406 The Preparatory Proceeding Court 1;W407 Lounge;
W409 Documentation Section;W410 Documentation Section;
W412 Intellectual Property Recording Section Office;W415 Kitchen

  • Release Date:2021-07-01
  • Update:2022-04-27