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Intellectual Property Court


July 1, 2021-Intellectual Property and Commercial Court


◈ Future Prospects of IPC - IPCC

The protection of IPRs is not only the key to economic development and trade balance, but also the foundation of the national competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy era. Taiwan is continuously strengthening the enforcement of IPRs through the judicial and litigation systems, one of which is the unprecedented establishment of the IPC. In a new era of IP and knowledge-based economy, the IPC upholds the concept of "innovation, professionalism and justice", with a goal of accumulating knowledge and experience promptly, enhancing the quality of the judgments, and harboring a global perspective.

As an effort to establish a prompt, appropriate and professional trial procedure for handling major civil commercial disputes, Taiwan formulated and promulgated the "Business Disputes Procedure Act" on January 15, 2020. Meanwhile, the "Intellectual Property and Commercial Organization Act" was amended to incorporate the Commercial Courts with the IPC. After the merge, the IPC will be renamed as "Intellectual Property and Commercial Court" on July 1, 2021, which will bring Taiwan's judicial resolution mechanism on IP and commercial events to a new milestone.

  • Release Date:2020-12-01
  • Update:2020-12-01