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Intellectual Property and Commercial Court




Features of Commercial Cases

  • Professional Judges and Commercial Investigators

The commercial court adopts "two-level and two-instance" system to adjudicate major commercial cases with specialized judges and commercial investigators. Appellate cases are reviewed by Supreme Court.

  • Mandatory Legal Representation by Attorneys and Mandatory Mediation Procedure

In order to protect civil rights, as well as enhance the effectiveness of trial, the parties and related parties shall be represented by attorneys. Commercial cases shall be subject to mediation by the court. The Court may select persons with specialized expertise and experience in commercial matters as commercial mediators to promote mediation and resolve disputes.

  • E-Filing and E-Court

Electronic filing became compulsory in all commercial cases. Pleadings, documents or their attachments shall be transmitted via the e-filing transmission system. To improve efficiency, the court may use technological equipment to conduct distance hearings.

  • The Written Interrogatory System

In preparation for making assertions or providing proof, a party may request the opposing party to make specific explanation of necessary matters relating to fact or evidence. A party fails to answer interrogatories without justifiable cause, the court shall make decision in favor of the other party.

  • Formulate Trial Plans

To implement a fair, prompt and economically feasible trial, the court and the parties shall proceed litigation with a formulated plan. The court shall discuss and formulate a trial plan with both parties.

  • Release Date:2021-06-25
  • Update:2021-06-26